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I'm Natalia, aka Chef Rudakova

I’m a professional Chef, a culinary instructor and a food content creator.

You might know me from my YouTube channel Chef Rudakova, where I showcase some jaw-dropping molecular gastronomy and fine dining techniques.

Or, you might also know me from one of my online culinary courses (available on Skillshare and Udemy), where I really spill all the beans about the mysterious world of culinary arts. 

Wherever you know me from, I’m glad and flattered to see you here, on my web page today. Thank you for showing up! 


To display your product/service in the professionally produced, high-quality video content, that your brand deserves. 

  • professional video production 
  • skillful and engaging Chef 
  • experienced and helpful team to work with
  • audience of over 73k followers
  • Over 1.5m views on YouTube
  • Recipe development
  • Product collaboration
  • Product/service ad placement on SM
  • Pop-up
  • Public appearance

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Student Reviews

This is a great intro to thinking about how to plate your food like a chef. The downloadable checklist and the project made it easy to take action after completing the class.
This is a fundamental course. While I don't think some more experienced and very skilled chefs might get much out of it, it was exactly what I was looking for. I'm a person who got obsessed with cooking and love consuming as much information as I can. I wished that some things were explained a bit more but I consider this lesson a very *tip of the iceberg* lesson. Can't wait to see what you'll put out next. Thank you for the lesson chef.
Hands down, a great presentation. It is giving me confidence as I am an untrained Head Chef who is trying to get out of his comfort zone and progress in my career.
“Knowing 1000 recipes won’t make you a great Chef, but knowing culinary techniques, will!” 


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