Modern Paella Amuse Bouche

Modern Paella Amuse Bouche

This Modern Paella Amuse Bouche, a.k.a. one-bite dish is part of my new online class on recipe development. Initial idea was to create a modernistic, remix version of the authentic Paella dish, while creating an illusion of presenting the dish looking like a dessert, and incorporating molecular gastronomy element. You can watch the full video …

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Potato ice cream

Potato ice cream recipe

Create culinary art and show your support for what’s important!   That’s my take on potato ice cream. A very cool and creative version of the ice cream. It might seem a bit too edgy by the sound of it, but I promise you, potato ice cream is VERY COOL!  Give it a try and …

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Meringue shards

Meringue Shards

It turns out Meringues are such a cool thing to play and create with in food! In this post I’ll share with you a quick and easy recipe of making colorful meringue shards. However, this same recipe can be used to make numerous other cool things with a meringue base, like meringue sticks, a.k.a. batons, …

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Is Ketchup solid?

Well, you see… some sauces, like commercial ketchup & mayo, are examples of fluid gels. Fluid gel may sound like a fancy molecular gastronomy term… which it is. But also it’s something that we, without knowing, use in our daily lives. So let me clear this up for you. A fluid gel is a type …

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