Food Theory

Dumplings origin

All dumplings of the world origin

All dumplings of the world origin What’s the dumplings origin? What do ravioli, pierogi and gyoza have in-common? Are they all a kind of a dumpling? Is there one OG dumpling, the Ancient Dumpling that birthed all the variety of dumplings that we enjoy in present times? If you’re unfamiliar with any of the above, […]

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Food Innovation

Can you think of a farming method that gives seventy times the yield of traditional farming, that uses 95% less water, produces pesticide-free greens and requires less nutrients for plant development (Vyawahare, 2016)? This farming method first came around in 1911, but only in 1985 did it leave the laboratories and became commercially used (Clawson,

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My new diet for 6 days

Nowadays, it is a norm for a busy restaurant to have no less than 5 guests with restricted diet schedules, would it be an allergy, a food intolerance or a special diet that they try to keep up with. If 2 or 3 years ago, this trend was just emerging, today, it is what the

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