In this blog post you’re NOT going to learn how to make homemade butter from scratch! Instead, you’re gonna take your already made butter (store-bought) and learn how to infuse it with ANY flavourings of your choice🤓

The flavouring of My choice here is shrimps / prawns, i.e. we are making shrimp butter.

After reading this blog post, you’re going to learn 1 of the 3 ways to make flavoured butter.

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You can watch the full video of me making Shrimp Infused Butter here

Step 1 - Infuse butter with shrimps

  • 200g Shrimps / prawns
  • 250g Butter

Ingredients, you’ll need


  1. Peel shrimps / prawns. Reserve shells & heads only. Use meat for your other culinary adventures.
  2. Wash the shells under water and pat dry. Get rid of all excess water.
  3. Cut butter into cubes, while still cold and bring to room temperature.
  4. Transfer butter & shrimp shells into a Sous Vide safe bag, vacuum and seal.
  5. Sous Vide for 4 hours at 195F / 90C.

Step 2 - Solidify butter


  1. Open the Sous Vide bag and strain butter off the shrimp shells.
  2. Place a bowl with hot liquid butter over a bowl with ice-water (to accelerate the solidification process). 
  3. Whisk the liquid butter, while it quickly cools downs and starts to solidify.
  4. Mold your shrimp butter in desired shapes, or follow the demo.

Tools, you might need for this recipe

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Sous Vide machine
Stand Mixer
Sous Vide container
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