Modern Paella Amuse Bouche

Modern Paella Amuse Bouche

This Modern Paella Amuse Bouche, a.k.a. one-bite dish is part of my new online class on recipe development. Initial idea was to create a modernistic, remix version of the authentic Paella dish, while creating an illusion of presenting the dish looking like a dessert, and incorporating molecular gastronomy element.

You can watch the full video of me making Modern Paella Amuse Bouche here

Part 1 - Socarrat tuile

  • 100g Bomba rice
  • 10g Saffron strands
  • 10g Smoked paprika
  • 20g Dry white rice
  • 500g Vegetable broth

Ingredients, you’ll need


  1. Steep Saffron in veg.stock.

  2. Toast Bomba rice with some paprika.

  3. Deglaze with dry white wine.

  4. Add a ladle of Saffron stock, simmer, add another ladle. Repeat the process, until the rice is fully cooked.

  5. Process cooked rice for 10-15 sec. (must still see some full rice grains).

  6. Cool down. Roll out to 1 rice grain thickness in between 2 plastic wraps.

  7. Use a cookie cutter to cut out identical  circles.

  8. Transfer the circles to another plastic wrap & sprinkle with rice flour on 1 side.

  9. Place the rice circles onto the cannoli molds, rice flour side down.

  10. Bake / dehydrate for 20-30 min at 300F / 150C. Remove and brush off extra rice flour.

Part 2 - Pea Pearls

  • 100g Fresh peas
  • 1% Agar Agar (1% of the pea juice)



  1. Remove pea seeds from the pod.

  2. Puree fresh peas and strain any juice through a cheesecloth.

  3. Measure the pea juice. Add 1% of the total juice weight of Agar Agar. Whisk.

  4. Bring to boil, while continuously whisking.

  5. Use a pipette to drop pea juice into ice-cold veg. oil.

  6. Strain and reserve.

Part 3 - Prawn Pâté

  • 5-6 large Prawns
  • 1 block butter (you won’t need it all)
  • 10g Fish sauce



  1. Infuse butter with  prawn shells.

  2. Cut prawn flesh into small pc.

  3. Strain butter. Discard shells.

  4. Start to puree prawns, while adding some hot prawn butter. Hot butter will cook the prawns while blending and the pate will change colour form grey to light link.

  5. Add a little Fish Sauce and salt for more pronounced flavour.

Part 4 - Paella

  • 50g Onions (small dice)
  • 50g Orange bell pepper (small dice)
  • 50g Tomato (small dice)
  • 20g Dry white wine
  • 100g Bomba rice
  • 500g Veg. stock
  • 10 Saffron strands
  • 10g Smoked paprika powder



  1. Sweat Paella Sofrito: small dice onion, bell pepper and tomato.

  2. Add Bomba rice and toast. Add paprika powder, toast. 

  3. Deglaze with white wine.

  4. Cook rice to full doneness, by adding 1 ladle of Saffron  veg. stock at a time.

Part 4 - Modern Paella Amuse Bouche dish assembly & plating

  1. Place 1 tsp of warm Paella rice inside each Socarrat taco.

  2. Pipe the prawn Pâté using a snake shape.

  3. Carefully place the Pea Pearls on top of Pâté.

  4. Plate & enjoy!

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