Apple Fett

Apple puff pastry pie recipe, you’ll love to make & EAT!

Apple puff pastry pie recipe, you’ll love to make & EAT! Apple Fett is an apple puff pastry pie with layered filling. Filling includes an apple, a la apple dumpling, feta cheese and almond paste. For the cooking technique, check out the video. And, as for the written recipe, you can find it here. You can watch the full video of me making Apple Fett here Part 1 – Blitz puff pastry 250g Bread flour 250g Pastry flour 7g Salt 250g Ice-cold water 500g Butter (cut into large cubes) Ingredients, you’ll need Directions Mix the flours together. In a separate bowl whisk salt into water. Cut butter into large cubes and mix into the flour mix.  Mix salted water into the buttery flour. Work the dough just to the point there’s no flour left and dough forms. Rest in the fridge for 20 min. Roll the dough in 1 directions to about 1/2 inch thickness, or until it stops stretching.  Fold the dough as per demo 3 times with 15-20 min intervals in the fridge. Part 2 – Apples 2 Granny Smith apples 1 Lime Ingredients Directions Remove the core from apples. Pill. Cut in half. Juice the lime and pour the juice over apples to prevent oxidation. Feta filling 200g Feta cheese 15g Berry jam Ingredients Directions Break Feta cheese apart. Mix with berry jam. Transfer to the piping bag and reserve. Almond paste filling 200g Almond flour 140g Icing sugar 120g Sesame paste 60g Vegetable oil 20g Rum 25g Corn starch Green food colorant Ingredients Directions Process all the ingredients in a food processor, until evenly mixed. Saute in a pop-stick pan to melt the sugars. Cool down and reserve. Part 4 – Apple puff pastry pie assembly & baking Use a small round bowl to pre-assemble the layered filling for apple puff pastry pie, as per demo in the video. Cut out puff pastry circles of 2 different sizes and chill, until needed. Place a small circle on baking paper, pre-assembled layered filling in the middle and large pastry circle on top. Use egg wash to attach both pastry circles together. Make sure the pie is smooth and the pastry is not stretched in any way. Decorate the edges as per demo (optional). Egg wash and refrigerate for 20 min. Create wavy patterns with a blade or a sharp knife (optional) as per demo. Egg wash and bake for 20-30 min at 430F / 220C.  Remove from the oven, sprinkle some icing sugar on top and bake for additional 2-3 min, until sugar melts and creates a tanned glossy look. Let the apple puff pastry pie cool down for about 10 min, serve and enjoy!

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