MrBeast Burger vs Kevin Hart House burger

MrBeast Burger vs Kevin Hart House

MrBeast Burger vs Kevin Hart House The undisputed victory of MrBeast Burger over Kevin Hart House showcase absolutely clearly the power of YouTube and Social Media in general. Last week one of the biggest YouTubers in the world, MrBeast opened his first physical burger restaurant. To be clear, MrBeast is not a food YouTuber, he’s not a YouTube Chef, and in as a matter of fact his videos rarely have anything to do with food. Nevertheless, a 24 year old YouTuber / entrepreneur had managed to attract a crowd of more than ten thousand people for a relatively small burger joint opening in New Jersey mall and sell an unprecedented amount of burgers on the opening day. To paint an even more colorful picture of MrBeast Burger opening: people had camped out throughout the entire mall the day before, building a line for the MrBeast Burger. Check out this video Twit from MrBeast on the grand opening day of MrBeast Burger. Who is MrBeast? If you’re living under a rock and don’t know who MrBeast is, he is an entertainment YouTuber, known for giving out money to regular people, crazy challenges and changing peoples lives. MrBeast’s total audience on YouTube as of this date is close to two hundred thousand million of subscribers over several YouTube Channels. While as his total views over time are already over twenty five billion, i.e. his videos had been watched over 25b times.  Meanwhile, around the same time, at the end of August this year, one of the biggest comedians of our days, a popular movie star, best-selling book author, Kevin Hart had also opened his first burger joint, Hart House, in the city of stars, the place where all the celebrities traditionally flock, in Los Angeles.  How popular is Kevin Hart? Kevin Hart’s popularity is a bit more difficult to calculate than MrBeast’s. There’s no direct viewership, readership or followership numbers for his movies, stand-up shows, or books. However, let’s put some numbers here to have an idea of how popular Kevin Hart is and if we can even compare him with MrBeast. If we look at Social Media only, Kevin Hart’s instagram account alone has more than hundred fifty million followers and TikTok – thirty million followers. But wait, you might say, Kevin Hart isn’t known for his social media, he’s not really a SM content creator. True, so let’s have a look at the figures that he’s actually known for. Movies. Kevin Hart’s highest grossing movie alone, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, had made $962,542,945 in world-wide sales. Which means that at least fifty million people had watched Jumanji. And that’s just one movie featuring Kevin Hart, he played in about 90 movies and TV series.  Shows. Year after year Kevin Hart proofs to be the most successful comedian in the world, selling over one millions tickets world-wide for his shows. Forbes even named him “the king of comedy”. Books. Book sales are harder to calculate, no publisher really releases this info, but let’s just note that his “I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons” memoir had been listed among the best-sellers on Audible for years in a row ever since 2017, when it was originally published.  Simply put, if we were to compare Kevin Hart’s fame to MrBeast’s fame based just on numbers, it might be reasonably comparable. Are MrBeast and Kevin Hart famous foodies? Just like MrBeast, Kevin Hart has little to do with food. To put it in other words, neither of them are commonly associated with the culinary world.  Nevertheless, despite all the comparability in fame, when it comes to customer loyalty, general influence and the actual physical product launch, Kevin Hart does not seem to stand even close to MrBeast. Let’s just say, no-one is talking numbers and record sales when it comes to Kevin Hart’s Hart House burger place grand opening.   Our take: This blog post is not about who’s food offering is better, it’s more of an observation over how powerful YouTube community could be for physical products and services sales, and how much digital marketing and presence can win over the traditional media brand marketing. Playing an active part in the restaurant industry in North America, I personally cannot get tired of being shocked and astounded by how much the industry underestimates the importance of Social Media, especially YouTube. The industry that continuously barely survives by tiny margins, suffers the most from any kind of inflation and crisis. The industry that generally cannot afford to pay people fair wages. This same industry choses to ignore Social Media or at most not take it very seriously, consequently completely disregarding the power of a brand building and loosing in direct sales each and single day.  My online CULINARY ACADEMY Join TODAY and get an EARLY BIRD discount Once enrolled, you’ll get a LIFETIME ACCESS to the academy, incl. all the new upcoming cooking lectures and modules. ENROLL Other blog posts you might like All dumplings of the world origin Read HERE>> EASY guide to creating recipes like a Chef Read HERE>> Modern Paella Amuse Bouche recipe Read HERE>>

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