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Chocolate Petit Gâteau with preserved walnuts

Chocolate Petit Gâteau with preserved walnuts

Chocolate Petit Gâteau with preserved walnuts I’m not a pastry Chef, but even I could make it. And, I tell you what: this Chocolate Petit Gâteau with preserved walnuts is THE BEST and THE MOST DELICIOUS Chocolate Petit Gâteau that could possibly be created by humankind! No jokes, pure facts. You can watch the full video of me making Chocolate Petit Gâteau with preserved walnuts here Part 1 – Chocolate mousse 140g 70% Chocolate 50g Egg yolks 27g Sugar 0.6g Salt 4g powdered Gelatine 17.6g cold Water 250g 40% Cream Ingredients, you’ll need Directions Bloom the gelatine in cold water (for at least 20-30 min). Whip cream to medium peaks and keep it aside (maybe put it in the fridge for now). Set up 2 double-boilers. Melt chocolate over 1 double boiler. Whisk together egg yolks, sugar and salt and heat over 2nd double boiler to reach 82C / 180F (while continuously whisking). Temper chocolate, and then mix it with the egg mixture, bloomed gelatine and 1/3 of the whipped cream. Fold in the rest of the cream without over-mixing and loosing the puffy, airy texture.  Pour the chocolate mousse into piping bag and set it aside. Part 2 – Sweet walnut core 100g Preserved walnuts 50g Berry jam Ingredients Directions Cut walnuts into small pc. Mix with the jam. Mold the mix into small ramekins and freeze solid. Part 3 – Chocolate glaze 100g 70% Chocolate 100g 40% Cream 20g Coffee butter 20g Liquid glucose Ingredients Directions Mix cream & glucose. Bring to boil. Pour the cream mix over chocolate, let it melt, mix. Stir in cubed butter for extra shine. Part 4 – Assembly of the Chocolate Petit Gâteau with preserved walnuts Take your molds* out. Pour in chocolate mousse (fill up to about 3/4). Push in the frozen walnut jam. Top with a rind of a sponge cake of your choice. Freeze everything solid. Take the Petit Gâteau out of the molds. Freeze again. Pour the chocolate glaze of the frozen cakes. Decorate the bottom part of the cakes with regular walnuts, and top it with a leaf of edible gold. *I’m using here SILIKOMART PROFESSIONAL Pine molds.  Tools, you might need for this recipe **Images below are linked to third party websites, such as Amazon. Should you chose to purchase any of those items there, Chef Rudakova will receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you). Microplane Zester Stand Mixer Food Digital Thermomether You might also like this Recommended Blog Posts Learn to cook like a Chef with my new course This online course is quite unique in a way, that it’s not a collection of recipes, it’s rather a carefully selected package of theoretical knowledge about culinary techniques and skills with elaborate examples.  As I often say, knowing a 1000 recipes will not make you a great Chef, but knowing food science & mastering culinary techniques will! And this course is exactly about that! Learn More

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Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate Soufflé

Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate Soufflé recipe

This recipe is an early Halloween special, it’s a Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate soufflé recipe! I was thinking for a while of what dish should I make for Halloween this year, and then, Gronda had announced their chocolate soufflé challenge in collaboration with Valrhona. So, it made all kind of sense for me to combine these 2 events and make a special Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate Soufflé. *Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I just could not find any actual tiny pumpkins this early in the season. But! I found a perfect mini-squash! So, let’s just pretend it’s a tiny-pumpkin here… Besides, due to a selection of fall spices, that I’ve used for this recipe, it tastes just like Starbucks’ famous pumpkin spice latte? only with chocolate. [siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Image”]

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