Sous vide eggs | 100 ways to cook an egg like a Chef

Not your regular Sous Vide EGGs | 100 ways to cook an egg like a Chef

This are NOT your regular Sous Vide eggs, these 3 are something else🤓 In a fancy restaurant, this dish would probably be call something like “3 eggs”… And you would be left to wonder: “but, where’re the eggs?”…🤔 Well, the yolk part is pretty obvious, but trust me, the taste is not ordinary. I wish photos & videos could already be made 7D by now, so you could get also a taste of what we cook here 😆 Read this blog post to learn how to make soft and tender Sous Vide egg yolks with an egg white mayo✌ You can watch the full video of me making Sous Vide EGGs here Part 1 – Sous Vide eggs 3 eggs Ingredients, you’ll need Directions Set up your Sous Vide machine to 161F / 72C. Cook eggs inside the shells for app. 35 min. Shock in ice-water. Peel carefully. Separate yolks from whites.  Peel the membrane off the egg yolks and pour a little olive oil over the yolks. Reserve for plating. Part 2 – Egg white mayo Sous Vide cooked egg whites from 3 eggs 12g White vinegar 7g Mustard 70g Olive oil 13g Sesame oil Tzatziki powder (as seasoning) Ingredients Directions Blend the egg whites with a hand-blender. Add vinegar and mustard. Blend. Gradually add the oils, while blending. Season to taste. Tools, you might need for this recipe **Images below are linked to third party websites, such as Amazon. Should you chose to purchase any of those items there, Chef Rudakova will receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you). Sous Vide Hand-blender Sous Vide container You might also like this Recommended Blog Posts Previous Next You can watch more of my cooking videos on my YouTube channel Modern gastronomy, vegan recipes, recreation of famous dishes and much more Watch now

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