Deep fried custard

Soft inside, crispy outside. Deep fried custard recipe

Deep fried custard is not your ordinary custard. First of all, it’s savoury, and second, it’s crunchy on the exterior.  In order to make it savoury, we will make it with vegetable broth and no sugar added. And, In order to achieve a crispy texture we will be deep-fry it, but without any batter. Intrigued? [siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Video”][/siteorigin_widget] * In the YouTube video, I’ve served it with golden beets purée. First, I’ve cooked the beets (if you don’t do it, they will get oxidized and lose the vibrant yellow colour, turning brown). Then, I’ve blended them with some cooking water and added 0.4% of Xanthan Gum for smooth texture. Check out THIS VIDEO about Xanthan Gum to learn more about the different roles that Xanthan Gum plays in cooking. You can also order Xanthan Gum HERE. If you want to learn other cool culinary techniques, click HERE. You can also see more of my video recipes HERE.

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