healthy homemade Granola

Healthy homemade Granola recipe | MUST-HAVE ingredient

Here comes a quick and easy healthy homemade granola recipe! Granola is definitely a MUST-HAVE ingredient in my dry storage at home. I use it everywhere: salad garnish, in bread baking, on top of my guacamole toasts… everywhere! Besides, except for adding a nice texture and taste to food, granola is also super healthy and full of nutrients. It’s good for anyone, who is looking for adding nutrition to their diet, losing weight and improving health. This granola is a great additive to a post-workout meal as well, by the way! Click “play” to watch the full recipe: [siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Video”][/siteorigin_widget] Ingredients for a healthy homemade Granola: 50 g Hazelnuts (roughly chopped) 50 g Oats 50 g Quinoa 50 g Pumpkin Seeds 25 g Sunflower Seeds 20 g Hemp Seeds 3 g Cinnamon 30 g Veg. Oil 10 g Brown Sugar 2 g Salt For easy Japanese short-grain rice recipe, click HERE or HERE. You can also see more of my video recipes HERE.

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