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Vegan Panna Cotta Isomalt Broken Golden Heart Dessert

Vegan Panna Cotta Isomalt Broken Golden Heart Dessert

Vegan Panna Cotta Isomalt Broken Golden Heart Dessert While everyone are making Dalgona candies from Squid Game, let me share with you how to make something actually beautiful and delicious with sugar.  In this post you’ll see the process of making a vegan dessert, that’s worth to be served at any fine dining Michelin Star restaurant.  That’s my response to all of you out there, who think that vegan dessert could be only overnight sweet oats and frozen nut-based cheesecake.  Today we’ll be making a vegan Panna Cotta using the best suitable molecular cuisine ingredient for this recipe: Kappa and Iota Carrageenans. All you need to know about cooking with Kappa Carrageenan Iota Carrageenan And we’ll finally use my favourite Isomalt to make a Golden Origami Heart shell. You can watch the full video of me making Vegan Panna Cotta Isomalt Broken Golden Heart Dessert here https://youtu.be/ZFMphIuQB8c Part 1 – Vegan Panna Cotta 200g Plant-based milk 1 Orange (peels only) 1 Vanilla Bean 0.2g Kappa Carrageenan 0.4g Iota Carrageenan Ingredients, you’ll need Directions Infuse the plant-based milk of your choice with orange peels and vanilla. Strain infused milk though a cheesecloth and cool down a little. Blend in Kappa and Iota Carrageenans. Hydrate Carrageenans by bring the mix to boil while continuously whisking. Pour the mixture to molds. Cool down in the fridge. Once fully set, unmold. Part 2 – Isomalt Golden Heart shell Isomalt Edible Gold spray Ingredients Directions Put on several layers of gloves to protect your hands from extreme heat. Isomalt will get super hot at this stage of the recipe. Make sure to handle it with caution. Melt the Isomalt by bringing it to simmer. Pour the melted Isomalt on to a silicon mat and start folding it. It will help the Isomalt cool down a little and incorporate air inside. Stretch and fold Isomalt to incorporate more air inside and cool it down further.  Cut a pc that you are going to continue working with. Make an indentation with your finger, stick the air pump inside. Make sure that it’s completely sealed. One way to do it is to heat the pump end and the part of Isomalt that should be attached to it. Start pumping with care. This is a very slow process and requires patience. Place the growing Isomalt ball inside the heart mold and keep on pumping as per demo. Carefully remove the heart shaped Isomalt shell and cut it open from the pump side creating an open shell, with a heated knife. This will take some time and extreme care as well. Wait until the shell cools down completely. Maybe even place it in the fridge for a few minutes and spray the heart shell with edible gold. Part 3 – Assembly of the Vegan Panna Cotta Isomalt Broken Golden Heart Dessert Place the vegan Panna Cotta on a plate, sprinkle the top with some dehydrated Peony flakes. Place some finger lime caviar on the side. Decorate with 3 edible flowers of your choice. Cover the vegan Panna Cotta with an Isomalt golden heart shaped shell. Serve and enjoy!

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Martial Tofu Molecular Cuisine


Do you think there might be a different way to make homemade Tofu? A better way, perhaps?… When most people think of Tofu varieties, they think of what they can do with it AFTER it’s already been prepared: fermented tofu, deep-fried tofu, marinated tofu and so on… but you know, Tofu doesn’t grow on trees, right?…One needs to cook it BEFORE you can ferment, marinate and do whatever you want with it… So why not prepare a homemade silken Tofu in a different way in first place?… So, that’s a food for thought for now. Expect more videos on the topic of Tofu and different ways to make it at home or in the restaurant. For now though, check out another way to look at Tofu. In this video, we’ll make it with a couple of the molecular gastronomy ingredients, Kappa Carrageenan and Iota Carrageenan, instead of more widely used in Tofu making, Nigari or Gypsum. You can watch the full video of me making Martian Tofu here Why? Because, firstly, why not? Secondly, to learn more about these 2 (not so famous) molecular cuisine ingredients, and know what they can do to texture in food making. And, thirdly, if you can’t find Nigari, you’ll always know what to use instead. There’s always more than 1 way to get things done, don’t follow the “rules” just because “it was always done this way”. Martian Tofu (Molecular Cuisine) 200g dry Soy beans  1L Water Kappa Carrageenan (0.1% of the final Soy milk weight) Iota Carrageenan (0.2% of the final Soy milk weight) 100g Isomalt 10g white Sesame seeds 10g black Cumin seeds 10g Chives 7g Soy sauce 7g Chili infused oil 2g Seseme oil Ingredients, you’ll need Directions Prepare homemade. Soak soy beans overnight and drain thoroughly the next day. Blend soaked soy beans with 1L water. Use a powerful blender and take your time. Strain the homemade soy milk through a cheesecloth. Keep the milk. Bring the raw soy milk to simmer and cook for 10-15 min. Cool down. Measure the final weight of the milk and blend it with Kappa Carrageenan and Iota Carrageenan. Set up a double boiler and bring the internal temperature of the milk to 185F or 85C to hydrate the Carrageenans. Transfer the milk to molds of your choice and set at room temperature for about 30 min (you can put them in the fridge to make it faster). Meanwhile, you can make an Isomalt dome (check out my Isomalt video to learn more about this ingredient). Sprinkle it with cumin and sesame seeds, while it’s still sticky. Unmold the tofu, decorate it with the Isomalt dome and twisted chives, and pour over soy sauce, sesame oil and chili infused oil. Enjoy this Martian Tofu, a la Molecular Cuisine way. Tools & Ingredients, you might need for this recipe **Images below are linked to third party websites, such as Amazon. Should you chose to purchase any of those items there, Chef Rudakova will receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you). Kappa Carrageenan Iota Carrageenan Food Digital Thermomether You might also like this Recommended Blog Posts Previous Next You can watch more of my cooking videos on my YouTube channel Modern gastronomy, vegan recipes, recreation of famous dishes and much more Watch now

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