How to brew your first Kombucha from scratch

Getting started with K0mbucha brewing might a bit confusing. There are so much information on the web about different types of Kombucha. People are using different tea varieties, different brewing methods and different flavourings. To be fare, it all has a place to be, but I’ve decided to make it easy for the first-time Kombucha brewers and break down the whole process of brewing your very first Kombucha. [siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Video”][/siteorigin_widget] More than that, I’ve also created a nice and neat KOMBUCHA HANDBOOK for my subscribers. It includes a printable guidance for each stage of brewing, with all the measurements and directions written down, some EXTRA TIPS and a BONUS page with maintenance notes. Subscribe to unlock the DOWNLOAD Link (Handbook PDF): Here is the DOWNLOAD LINK. KOMBUCHA EQUIPMENT THAT I USE (all that you will need to brew your 1st Kombucha) Kombucha Fermentation heating mat – CLICK HERE Jar stand – CLICK HERE Swing Top Glass round bottles – CLICK HERE Glass Jar with spigot (for continuous Kombucha brewing) – CLICK HERE Elastic bands – CLICK HERE Glass jar (I use it as a Scoby hotel) – CLICK HERE Digital Food thermometer – CLICK HERE Towels – CLICK HERE *I will get a small commission, if you use my links, it will not cost you anything extra, but will support my channel and its future content. Thank you! 🙂 If you want to learn how to make Gravlax, click HERE. You can also see more of my video recipes HERE.

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