Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate Soufflé

Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate Soufflé recipe

This recipe is an early Halloween special, it’s a Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate soufflé recipe! I was thinking for a while of what dish should I make for Halloween this year, and then, Gronda had announced their chocolate soufflé challenge in collaboration with Valrhona. So, it made all kind of sense for me to combine these 2 events and make a special Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate Soufflé. *Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I just could not find any actual tiny pumpkins this early in the season. But! I found a perfect mini-squash! So, let’s just pretend it’s a tiny-pumpkin here… Besides, due to a selection of fall spices, that I’ve used for this recipe, it tastes just like Starbucks’ famous pumpkin spice latte? only with chocolate. [siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Image”]

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