Modernistic Greek Ravioli


Modernistic Greek ravioli… Blasphemy or the way to go?? Having lived almost half of my life in the Mediterranean, Greek food has firmly taken a very special place in my heart  You might have noticed that from my several “tzatziki” themed videos. However, this time, the spotlight is on Greek Ravioli! I promise I won’t …

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Bloody Romanesco

Bloody Romanesco | Epic vegan dish

Have you heard of Romanesco cauliflower before? A.k.a. Romanesco broccoli? If you’ve lived in Italy, probably yes. If you are not that fortunate, Romanesco may sound and look quite exotic to you.  No fear, my friend! In this case, looks are definitely deceiving. Romanesco cauliflower/broccoli is, well… something between both of the above mentioned veggies, …

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El Dorado Tetelas recipe

El Dorado Tetelas recipe

El Dorado Tetelas recipe is my gourmetnized version of the traditional Mexican Oaxaca Tetelas. It was inspired by my favourite Mexican restaurant in Toronto, Quetzal, that’s making wonderful layered Tetelas in-house, using 2 types of Masa-Harina dough: yellow corn masa and purple corn masa, and decorating them with Mexican aromatic herbs.   Masa-harina is different from corn meal …

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