Infuse oil

How to Infuse Oil with any flavour?

You can watch the full video of me explaining the oil infusion technique here How to infuse oil with any flavour? Easy! There’s only one principle technique that you need to know, so you could infuse your oil with any flavour your heart desires. And, it’s in this post! Today, I’ll explain the basics of oil infusion, share some extra tips/cooking hacks and give away 3 awesome ideas for flavourful oils, and an extra bonus recipe at the end. You don’t need any fancy equipment to infuse your oils with different herbs and spices, and you do not need to spend a fortune to buy them ready-made in stores. All you need is to read this post and watch the video below to learn this vital cooking technique that Chefs and restaurants had been using for ages to satisfy your sophisticated palates.  Now you can do it as well, no sweat! Garlic infused oil & other oils 165g Garlic cloves (peeled & whole) 10ea fresh Bay leaves 3.5g black Peppercorns …. FULL RECIPE INCLUDED WITH CULINARY ACADEMY Ingredients, you’ll need Directions Place all the ingredients in a sauce pot. Cover with oil. Start the oil on low heat and bring the internal temperature to 180F-212F (80C-100C). Simmer keeping…. Full Recipe is Part of the CULINARY ACADEMY Join TODAY and have access to all Classes + Recipes. Once enrolled, you’ll get a LIFETIME ACCESS to the academy, incl. all the new upcoming cooking lectures and modules and this recipe. ENROLL

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