Bloody Romanesco

Bloody Romanesco | Epic vegan dish

Have you heard of Romanesco cauliflower before? A.k.a. Romanesco broccoli? If you’ve lived in Italy, probably yes. If you are not that fortunate, Romanesco may sound and look quite exotic to you.  No fear, my friend! In this case, looks are definitely deceiving. Romanesco cauliflower/broccoli is, well… something between both of the above mentioned veggies, when it comes to taste, and you can cook it the same way you would typically cook a regular cauliflower. Today I’ll share with you a 100% vegan dish with Romanesco. This epic plant-based dish will consist of 3 components: roasted Romanesco cauliflower, vegetable demi-glace and avocado hummus. You can watch the full video of me making this Bloody Romanesco here Vegetable demi-glace 1L Vegetable broth 20g Tomato paste 100g Dry red wine 5g Salt 0.5g Xanthan gum 1.5g Pectin powder Ingredients, you’ll need Directions Heat up your pot, add a little bit of frying oil and fry the tomato paste, to the point that it darkens in colour. Deglaze the pot with red wine, make sure that all the alcohol is evaporated. Add the vegetable broth, bring to simmer and simmer for around 30 min, until the liquid reduces in volume by half. Strain the reduced broth through a cheese cloth. Pour the strained liquid in a blender and start blending. Gradually add the Xanthan gum and Pectin. Make sure it’s fully mixed. Bring the mixture back to boil and boil for around a minute, season to taste. Avocado hummus 800g Cooked chickpeas (peeled) 50g Honey tahini paste 5g Salt 10cl Confit garlic Juice of 1/2 Lemon 1 large Avocado 10g Ice water Ingredients Directions Process the peeled chickpeas with tahini, garlic and lemon. Take your time to really puree everything. Add avocado and process everything together.  Season to taste. Start processing again and slowly add ice-cold water to aerate the hummus and make it really smooth. Here’re a few Plating options Tools & ingredients, you might need for this recipe **Images below are linked to third party websites, such as Amazon. Should you chose to purchase any of those items there, Chef Rudakova will receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you). Food Processor Xanthan Gum Food Digital Thermomether You might also like this Recommended Blog Posts Previous Next You can watch more of my cooking videos on my YouTube channel Modern gastronomy, vegan recipes, recreation of famous dishes and much more Watch now

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