Pistachio S’mores

Pistachio S’mores, like you’ve never seen them before

Have you tried S’mores before, what about Pistachio S’mores? After spending several years in Canada, I’d like to share with you my interpretation of a very popular campfire dessert in North America, S’mores! S’mores (as per its traditional definition) is a dessert “sandwich”, consisting of 1 or 2 Graham crackers with some chocolate and, most importantly, marshmallow in between. S’mores can be toasted (its marshmallow part) or not. In my version of S’mores, we are going to recreate the “sandwich” idea, but in a shape of a pistachio nut. I.e. Graham crackers (or rather its European version, Digestive biscuits) shells will enclose a homemade Baileys marshmallow (a much softer and more delicate version of the store-bought marshmallows) and a bit of cream chocolate. No special ingredients or tools are required to make this fun and colourful North American marshmallow dessert. You can watch the full video of me making Pistachio S’mores here Part 1 – Pistachio S’mores shells 60g Graham crackers / Digestive biscuits 30g Butter Ingredients, you’ll need Directions Break the Graham crackers / Digestive biscuits in a food processor to small crumbs. Add cold butter to the food processor and blitz it one more time, until the butter is fully incorporated.   Press 2 tbsp of the mix into your shell molds.  Freeze for about half an hour. Part 2 – Cream chocolate 100g Dark chocolate 30g Cream Ingredients Directions Set up a double-boiler and melt your chocolate. Warm up the cream. Add a tbsp of the melted chocolate to your warm cream to temper it and bring to temperature. Mix the cream with the rest of the chocolate. Trim the frozen shells with a rasp for a desired shape. Add a tsp of cream chocolate to the frozen shells and spread it over the inner side of the shells. Freeze. Part 3 – Baileys homemade marshmallows 7g Gelatine powder 70g Ice-cold water 35g Water 110g Sugar 108g Syrup 18g Baileys liquor  5g Green food colouring  Ingredients Directions Whisk the Gelatine powder into the ice-cold water and let it bloom for at least 15 min. Meanwhile, mix together water, sugar and syrup and bring the mixture to internal temperature of 240F or 115C. Add Baileys to the Gelatine mixture and start whisking using a stand mixer. While the mixer is whisking, start adding the sugary mix slowly over the side of your bowl. Continue whisking on high speed for about 20 minutes, until the marshmallow mix forms to medium peaks. You may want to add the green food colouring somewhere half-way through the whisking process. Let the mix cool down a little bit, so it starts to hold the shape perfectly well. Part 4 – Pistachio S’mores assembly Remove the frozen shells from the freezer. Line them up for easy assembly. Take 2 table spoons (preferably with a curve) and brush them with a little bit of flavourless oil (e.g. canola oil). Form quenelles of homemade marshmallows with your spoons, hopefully, taking the shape of pistachio nuts. This might take a while, as the marshmallow paste is not easy to handle.  Please your green marshmallow nuts inside the shell and close with another shell. You may keep those Pistachio S’mores in the freezer, but do let them sit in the fridge for 30 min before serving, so the chocolate melts a little. Tools, you might need for this recipe **Images below are linked to third party websites, such as Amazon. Should you chose to purchase any of those items there, Chef Rudakova will receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you). Microplane Zester Stand Mixer Food Digital Thermomether You might also like this Recommended Blog Posts Previous Next You can watch more of my cooking videos on my YouTube channel Modern gastronomy, vegan recipes, recreation of famous dishes and much more Watch now

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