Swiss Chard Chips

Swiss Chard chips recipe

Swiss Chard chips recipe You’ve been asking to share some ideas for CRUNCHY GARNISH for your main dish. Here’s one – sweet Swiss Chard chips. You can serve these crisps with any dish that lacks that extra crunch in texture. They also complement very nicely salty & sour dishes. You can watch the full video of me making Swiss Chard chips here Part 1 – Sweeten the Swiss Chard Swiss Chard leaves (fresh) 1L Water FULL RECIPE INCLUDED WITH CULINARY ACADEMY Ingredients, you’ll need Directions Bring water to boil and dissolve sugar in. Lower the heat to simmer. Blanch Swiss Chard leaves for 2 min. …. Full Recipe is Part of the CULINARY ACADEMY Join TODAY and have access to all Classes + Recipes. Once enrolled, you’ll get a LIFETIME ACCESS to the academy, incl. all the new upcoming cooking lectures and modules and this recipe. ENROLL

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