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Evolution of TOFU | experimental kitchen

Welcome to the zone of TOFU!? Lately, I’ve been very preoccupied with the subject of Tofu making. Not cooking with it (e.g. deep-fried, fermented, marinated, etc.), but making it… The process of making silken Tofu looked so straight forward and open for interpretation, and yet… I didn’t seem to find any examples on the web on the alternative methods of making Tofu? To be honest, I couldn’t believe, that in all the centuries of Tofu existence, no Food Geek, like me, had tried to make it differently… The most obvious reason, however, appeared to be that, of course, people tried, just unsuccessfully, and, therefore, didn’t publish their cooking experiments… Nevertheless, temptation of making a better, more flavourful version of Tofu was overwhelming. And, so here’s the 1st video of the “Evolution of Tofu” series, where I’ll be testing different interpretations of Tofu making, and, hopefully ✌ one of them will work! https://youtu.be/2cY-xZQAWAc In the 1st video (above) I’ll be attempting to make: Tomato Tofu Umami fishy Tofu Chickpea tofu *NOTE: This blog post is still WIP, and I will be adding content to this blog post, as I continue experimenting with Tofu on my test kitchen. So, please subscribe (below), so you don’t miss out on the new blog editions.  Thank you for reading! You might also like this Recommended Blog Posts Previous Next You can watch more of my cooking videos on my YouTube channel Modern gastronomy, vegan recipes, recreation of famous dishes and much more Watch now

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