Why do eggs scramble?

In culinary terms scrambling of eggs is the process of cooking while mixing 2 groups of egg proteins, that have different coagulating, i.e. firming temperatures: egg white proteins (coagulate at 145-150F (63-65C)) and egg yolk proteins (150-160F (65-70C)).

In order to achieve the iconic look and texture of well cooked scramble eggs, it’s important to: 

  1. Cook on gentle heat
  2. Never stop mixing and scrubbing all the sides of the cooking vessel
  3. Stop applying heat as soon as you see the first signs of egg coagulation happening. Don’t stop mixing after that, eggs will still continue to cook and coagulate on residual heat. 

Et voila! Now you have a story to tell to your breakfast audience while enjoying your perfectly cooked scrambled eggs.