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Culinary Arts online courses developed with the leading professional Chef in 2023, Chef Rudakova. 

Go from a scared amateur home cook to a confident Chef capable of cooking absolutely anything.

“I’ve spend thousands of dollars on a culinary arts degree programs, books and advanced level cooking classes, and tens of thousands of hours on practicing existing and acquiring new culinary skills in the food industry, so you don’t have to.” – Chef Rudakova

Online Culinary Academy by Chef Rudakova is the shortcut to culinary mastery at your own time and pace. 

Enroll in our online culinary academy & join 5,000+ culinary students learning and mastering the art of cooking.

“This was a fantastic class for a beginner like me who is a home cook who loves to cook for friends and family. I loved the lesson on mise en place as I do struggle with what i can cook ahead of time to what degree and this lesson helped there. Would love to see more on this topic. Can’t wait for the next course.”

Melinda A.

“Enrolling in Chef Rudakova’s Culinary Academy was the best decision I made for enhancing my cooking skills. The online courses allowed me to learn at my own pace and provided me with the foundation to pursue my dream of becoming a professional chef.”

Jennifer L.

“As a home cook with a passion for culinary arts, I wanted to take my skills to the next level. Chef Rudakova’s online culinary school provided me with the knowledge and techniques I needed to elevate my cooking to a professional level.”

Jeson F.

“Culinary Crash Course was a great course, and i would recommend it to anyone who wishes to improve their fundamental (but very important) cooking skills and/or knowledge. I learned things today, i never knew I needed. Great course. Thank you so much Chef Rudakova!”

Jacob S.

“I have always had a love for baking, but I lacked the formal training. Chef Rudakova’s online culinary arts courses, including a class on pattiserie and French baking have transformed me into a confident food blogging pastry chef. Now I can create delicious desserts with ease.”

Sarah M.

“French sauces course is a master class in Sauce making. It provides In-depth information on making 5 mother sauces. Thank you, chef And, I am looking forward to some advanced courses in culinary in the future.”

Bikram L.

“I’ve got to spill the beans about Chef Rudakova’s online culinary courses because they are absolutely brilliant! Seriously, they exceeded all my expectations. The curriculum is like a gastronomic journey, covering everything from food safety essentials to advanced cooking techniques. It’s like having a culinary wizard by your side, guiding you while you cook”

David K.

“Chef Rudakova’s online culinary education has opened doors for me in the food industry. The theory and practical skills I acquired through the courses have given me the confidence to pursue my culinary career goals. I’ve managed to land a job at one of my favorite local farm-to-table restaurants, and I love it! This online academy is the next best alternative to the traditional culinary school.”

Raj S.

“Having a full-time job, I needed the flexibility to learn cooking skills at my own pace. Chef Rudakova’s online culinary school provided just that, allowing me to balance my sales career while also having fun pursuing my culinary talents.”


“I never thought I could learn professional-level cooking skills online, but Chef Rudakova’s Culinary Academy proved me wrong. If you are thinking whether cooking school is worth it, this one is worth it! Video lectures and hands-on assignments helped me develop the culinary expertise I needed in my life. Top notch.”

May G.

“Chef Rudakova’s online culinary courses are a treasure trove of culinary knowledge. The theoretical courses expanded my understanding of cooking techniques, while the practical skills helped me master new recipes.”

Ryan K.

“Thanks to Chef Rudakova’s online culinary classes, I gained the confidence to experiment with new flavors and ingredients. The academy’s emphasis on creativity has taken my cooking to a whole new level.”

Emily W.

“I have recently started my food blog, and it used to take me so long to test out new recipes. Thankfully, my friend recommended Chef Rudakova’s Culinary Academy for me and it just changed everything. Chef Rudakova is so good at explaining culinary techniques and the thinking process behind them. Now cooking makes so much more sense to me. Now I know if a recipe is going to work or not before testing it and saved me so much time! It is a great investment into my food blogging career.”

Irina A.

“One of the best things about Chef Rudakova’s online culinary school is that it offers unlimited access to a full program of courses, that are constantly growing. When I enrolled there was just 1 course (the crash course), which was already totally worth the price. But now I have access to so much more. I also can’t not mention how valuable is chef’s feedback on my assignments. Although the courses are online, most of them are really hands on and I really learned a lot from them. Can’t wait for more courses!”

Cilia C.

“The online culinary courses at Chef Rudakova’s academy are perfect for home cooks like me who want to sharpen their skills. The hands-on experience and expert guidance have taken my cooking to new heights. At least that’s what my family says :)”

Kara B.

“Enrolling in Chef Rudakova’s online culinary academy was a game-changer for me as a private yacht chef. The practical skills and theoretical courses helped me develop a solid foundation in the culinary arts and be more creative with my client’s requests. Now plating is a bliss. I can plate now any dish beautifully, even English breakfast.”

Samara L.

“Chef Rudakova’s online culinary courses are a must for anyone looking to enter the culinary industry. The academy’s curriculum covers everything from food preparation to advanced cooking techniques. While they are soooo much cheaper, they really cover most of the things you need to know if you want to start dipping your toes in the industry.”

Nico R.

“I was skeptical about online culinary education, but Chef Rudakova’s academy proved me wrong. The interactive online classes and personalized feedback made it feel like I was right there in the kitchen.”

Online culinary academy
Alex W.

“The online cooking courses at Chef Rudakova’s academy have given me the confidence to tackle new recipes and techniques. I can now whip up delicious and complicated meals with ease, which I would have never even tried to cook before. All my family are really impressed, especially my picky-eating son. Now that I can plate even a pea soup beautifully, we all eat so much healthier at home.”

Lisa T.

“As someone already working in the culinary field, but without any former traditional training, I really appreciated Chef Rudakova’s online culinary programs. They are ideal for those with previous experience. The courses helped me open doors for an exciting new career opportunity.”

Cubo M.

“I always dreamed of attending a top culinary school, but the cost and time commitment held me back. Chef Rudakova’s online culinary academy provided the perfect solution, offering high-quality education at a fraction of the cost. It’s totally worthy the money and my time. And I am getting everything that I would imaging a traditional culinary school offers in terms of education.”

Amanda G.

“I’ve followed Chef Rudakova for a while on her YouTube channel and later though her newsletter The Weekly Snack. So I already knew that she’s not massing around when it comes to professionalism and top notch culinary skills. When Chef Rudakova launched her online culinary academy I knew I had to enrol, and it was one of the best money spent this year. I’ve learned so much, including things that I never even thought of, like the how the emulsion really works, and how to save a splitting souce and the thinking process behind recipe development (before I though it was just talent, either you have it or not). Amazing! I feel so much more confident when I cook to entertain my friends. Highly recommend to everyone who wants to learn to freestyle while cooking.”

Keiron F.

“As a parent, I needed the flexibility to learn culinary arts at my own pace. Chef Rudakova’s online culinary school allowed me to pursue my passion while juggling my responsibilities. I’m glad I can also implement my new skills on daily basis, while cooking for my kids.”

Sveta H.

“Chef Rudakova’s online culinary education is an excellent choice for aspiring pastry chefs. The crash course on culinary education provides a good understanding of patisserie and baking techniques. I am looking forward to more courses on these topics.”

Jonah T.

“Enrolling in Chef Rudakova’s online culinary courses was the best decision for advancing my culinary career. The expert guidance and practical skills have given me an edge in the competitive culinary industry.”

Raiku O.

“Chef Rudakova’s online culinary academy offers a diverse range of courses for students of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced cook, there’s always something new to learn.”

Sarah B.

“The online culinary programs at Chef Rudakova’s academy have ignited my passion for food science. I am a total nerd and I loved the theoretical courses, they provide a deep understanding of the scientific principles behind cooking.”

Maria-Elena H.

“Chef Rudakova’s online culinary education is a stepping stone to my new career in the food industry. Money well spent.”

Daniel H.

“I had a limited budget but a burning desire to learn culinary arts. Chef Rudakova’s online culinary school offered affordable courses without compromising on the quality of education.”

Olivia K.

“Chef Rudakova’s online culinary courses are taught by an industry expert. Chef Rudakova has a wealth of experience in the culinary field. Her insights and tips have been invaluable in my culinary journey.”

Matty P.

“The online cooking classes at Chef Rudakova’s academy have transformed my cooking skills and elevated my passion for culinary arts. The hands-on experience and practical techniques have made a world of difference.”

Jessica R

“I always wanted move the ladder in my culinary career becoming a sous chef and maybe become a head chef one day. Unfortunately, to move ahead in my field I had to have some sort of formal training and improve my knife skills. Through Chef Rudakova’s online culinary school, I got just that. And also got inspired to developed precision and confidence in handling knives like a pro.”

Benjamin L.

“Chef Rudakova’s online culinary academy has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of cooking techniques and culinary arts. The courses have expanded my horizons and allowed me to explore new recipes.”

Jake W.

“I researched extensively for the best culinary schools, and Chef Rudakova’s online academy consistently topped the list. Now I know why. The culinary education that it provides is just what you need in 2023. It’s modern, no bs way to learn culinary arts at your own pace from home.”

Victor M.

“Chef Rudakova’s online culinary courses have broadened my culinary skill set and opened doors to various culinary careers. The academy’s emphasis on practical skills and theoretical knowledge, while being really flexible (what everyone needs nowadays with so much choice out there). This really stands out for me among other online schools. Recommend.”

Ashley K.

 “Enrolling in Chef Rudakova’s online culinary academy was a turning point in my culinary journey. The knowledge and techniques I gained through the courses propelled me to start my own successful catering business.”

Samir K.

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Even More Online Students Testimonials

“Enrolling in Chef Rudakova’s online Culinary Academy has been a game-changer for me. The hands-on experience I’ve gained through the online programs has transformed my cooking skills.”

Online culinary academy
John M.

“As a passionate home cook, I wanted to take my skills to the next level. Chef Rudakova’s online culinary academy provided me with the opportunity to learn from culinary professionals and gain valuable insights into the culinary industry.”

Laura R.

“I had always dreamed of becoming a pastry chef but couldn’t commit to a full-time program. The online culinary programs at Chef Rudakova’s academy allowed me to pursue my passion while balancing my other commitments.”

Viki S.

“Thanks to Chef Rudakova’s online cooking classes, I now have unlimited access to a wide range of culinary courses. I’ve learned everything from knife skills to food science, and it has opened up new opportunities in the culinary industry.”

Masha G.

“I’ve always had a passion for desserts, and the online program at Chef Rudakova’s academy allowed me to explore my love for creating delicious desserts. The guidance from Chef Rudakova  as one of the industry experts has been invaluable.”

Amanda T.

“Chef Rudakova’s online culinary academy has provided me with the flexibility to pursue my culinary education while maintaining my full-time job. The online degrees offered have helped me transition into a new career in the culinary arts.”

Ahmed F.

“Knife skills were always intimidating to me, but the online culinary programs at Chef Rudakova’s academy broke them down into manageable steps. I now feel confident and efficient in the kitchen.”

Emy R.

“The professional cooks at Chef Rudakova’s online culinary academy provided me with practical tips and tricks that I could immediately apply in my own cooking. The culinary classes were engaging and insightful.”

Dan I.

“The online culinary arts school by Chef Rudakova offered a variety of different programs, allowing me to choose the one that best suited my interests and goals (The crash course to culinary education). It’s a comprehensive platform for culinary enthusiasts.”

Yara V.

“Earning a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts was in my plans for a long time. Unfortunately, I could never commit so much time and funds to getting one. But Chef Rudakova’s online culinary academy is the next best thing. The program provided a well-rounded education that prepared me for a successful career.”

Sophia C.

“Learning from Chef Rudakova, one of the top industry experts in fine dining and molecular gastronomy, gave me a deeper understanding of food science and the techniques behind creating exceptional dishes. It elevated my culinary skills to a new level.”

June X.

“The online culinary programs at Chef Rudakova’s academy provided me with the knowledge and skills to become a head chef in a top-rated restaurant in my town. The academy’s reputation is well-deserved.”

Anton G.

“I always wanted to pursue a culinary degree, but traditional schools were not feasible for me. Chef Rudakova’s online culinary arts school offered the perfect solution, allowing me to achieve my dreams from the comfort of my own home.”

Emma H.

“The culinary classes at Chef Rudakova’s online cooking school are meticulously designed to cover all aspects of culinary arts. The theoretical courses provide a solid foundation while the practical assignments help refine skills.”

Nicholas P

“With Chef Rudakova’s online culinary programs, I discovered a new career path that perfectly combined my love for cooking and creativity, food blogging. The academy offers diverse and innovative courses to inspire culinary enthusiasts. And by the way Chef Rudakova’s Weekly Snack newsletter is a jam for those who want to make a living as a creator of food. Thank you!”

Olivia L.

“The online culinary academy by Chef Rudakova is for everyone, with all levels of experience. Beginner or a seasoned cook, like me, there’s something valuable to learn from the academy’s courses.”

Thomas K.

“Through Chef Rudakova’s online culinary programs, I gained a comprehensive understanding of culinary techniques and developed my own unique style, which I was looking for for so long. The academy helped me refine my skills and become a more confident cook. Thanks!”

Ethan S.

“The online culinary arts school by Chef Rudakova allowed me to pursue my passion for cooking while juggling a busy schedule. The flexibility of the program and the support from the instructor made it a seamless learning experience.”

Lauren B.

“Thanks to Chef Rudakova’s online culinary programs, I gained a deep understanding of the culinary industry and its intricacies. The academy’s curriculum provided me with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.”

Natalie G

“With Chef Rudakova’s online culinary programs, I was able to transition from a home cook to a professional in the culinary industry. The academy’s courses provided the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the field.”

Susan D.

“The online culinary arts school by Chef Rudakova offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of culinary education. From theoretical courses to practical assignments, it prepares students for a successful culinary career.”

Christopher S.

“I’ve always been fascinated by food science, and Chef Rudakova’s online culinary academy allowed me to dive deep into the subject. The academy’s curriculum helped me understand the science behind culinary creations.”

Emily H.

“Thanks to Chef Rudakova’s online cooking programs, I discovered my passion for culinary arts and embarked on a new career path. I am food blogging now daily basis and recipe testing doesn’t feel like a guess work anymore. Now I know the principles behind many cooking processes and it’s such a time saver. The academy’s courses provided the necessary foundation for my success.”

Online culinary academy
Alexandra W.

“Chef Rudakova’s online culinary academy gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a pastry chef. It allowed me to learn at my own pace and develop my skills. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to the online pastry arts program. I am sure it’s going to be the best one. Thank you, Chef”

Nicole B.

“With no previous experience in the culinary industry, I was hesitant to pursue my passion. Chef Rudakova’s online culinary programs provided a supportive and nurturing environment for beginners like me.”

Samantha C.

“Thanks to Chef Rudakova’s online culinary programs, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the culinary industry and its various career paths. The academy’s curriculum opened my eyes to the vast possibilities in the culinary world.”

Ebo O.K.

“The crash course on culinary education is perfect for getting a view of the culinary world and understanding concept of each sector. Highly recommend it for beginners or who want to improve careers.”

Manita B.

“Beautiful and helpful classes.”

Jumena R.

“Chef Rudakova gives a great overview into the culinary arts. I’m looking forward to taking the sauce courses next and will subscribe to the YouTube channel.”

Atsela L.

“This crash course to culinary education is as delightful as Chef Rudakova who presents it. It’s a wonderfully concise overview of some important food preparation fundamentals … rather than an oversimplified collection of recipes. Gotta go, now, and see what other courses the Chef has prepared for us!”

Dale D.

“What an amazing teacher, can’t wait for more from her.”

Christian R.

“This is a wonderful course. I wish she could teach me everything about cooking rather than the (of course) limited set of information that fit into this course. I’ll be back for her other courses!”

Esther S.

“Excellent!!! I do so highly recommend!!!!”

Jeanette M.

“Many of the online culinary classes are American-centric, vague and lack specificity. This class and it’s teacher are succinct, concise and easy to follow. This class was a breath of fresh air and is suitable for learners of all levels of skill, from beginner to expert. I highly recommend!”

Ben S.

“I really enjoyed this! Chef Rudakova has so much energy and personality. I learned alot.”

Laura B.

“Hands down, a great presentation. It is giving me confidence as I am an untrained Head Chef who is trying to get out of his comfort zone and progress in my career.”

Shawn K.

What's inside?

At Culinary Academy, we cover a wide range of essential culinary topics. Here's a glimpse into our curriculum

Culinary Academy Chef Rudakova

Culinary Education Crash Course - Foundation

Learn all the core fundamentals of the essential culinary topics. From Mise en place to the Importance of specific kitchen tools.

Culinary Academy Chef Rudakova

How To Plate Food like a PRO Chef

Follow my simple guidance and learn how to think like a creative Chef. Whatever you choose to eat today, whether it’s a simple sandwich or a fine-dining steak, any kind of food could be plated & made look beautiful.

Culinary Academy Chef Rudakova

5 French Master Sauces

Get to know the detailed techniques behind each step of the preparation of 5 French Mother sauces: Béchamel, Tomato, Velouté, Hollandaise and Espagnole, and be able to cook any other derivative, or as a matter of fact, any other modern French sauce as a result.

Culinary Academy Chef Rudakova

Creative Recipe Development

Despite common belief, recipe development is not a guess work. Find here a proven recipe development framework that pro-Chefs use all the time, when creating their famous modern dishes.

Fermentation: Kombucha and Coffee Kombucha

Delve deep into the world of fermentation with this specialized course focused on crafting both traditional kombucha and the unique coffee kombucha variant.

Knife Sharpening Course

Knife Sharpening 101: A Beginner's Guide

Knife sharpening is an essential skill for chefs and home cooks alike. This tutorial covers the basics of knife sharpening. By the end, you will know how to maintain a razor-sharp edge on your kitchen knives.

Full Curriculum

Knowing 1000 recipes won’t get you far in cooking, but knowing and mastering 1000 culinary skills is a very different thing and feeling. If I had to start my culinary journey all over again, I’ll take Chef Rudakova’s online classes. They are easy, enjoyable, give you answers to all your “WHYs?” and make you feel like a powerful skillful cook afterwards.

Anika Khan

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this culinary academy for?

Culinary Academy by Chef Rudakova is perfect for advanced home cooks who dream of attending a culinary school but are constrained by time, finances, or the perception that it’s too late for them. It’s also ideal for food bloggers and private chefs in the industry who want to acquire comprehensive culinary knowledge at their own pace.

Can I really learn culinary arts online?

Absolutely! Culinary Academy by Chef Rudakova offers online courses that are designed to deliver a rich and immersive learning experience. You can learn at your own convenience, accessing high-quality instructional videos, detailed explanations, and practical assignments that will enhance your culinary skills.

What will I learn from the Culinary Academy by Chef Rudakova?

At Culinary Academy, you’ll learn everything that a traditional culinary school offers and more. From fundamental cooking techniques to contemporary skills like plating and recipe development, our comprehensive courses cover a wide range of culinary knowledge. You’ll be equipped with the skills and creativity to prepare any dish with confidence.

There are hundreds of platforms that offer online cooking classes nowadays. Why should I choose Culinary Academy by Chef Rudakova?

Culinary Academy by Chef Rudakova stands out from the rest due to its unique combination of affordability, comprehensive curriculum, and expert instruction. Our courses go beyond recipes, focusing on developing essential culinary skills, fostering creativity, and understanding the principles behind cooking. With Chef Rudakova’s guidance, you’ll receive personalized instruction that will take your cooking to new heights. Our culinary students say Chef Rudakova’s online culinary academy is the next best alternative to a traditional cooking school.

Sure, got it. But is the online culinary school worth it?

Absolutely! The online format of Culinary Academy offers numerous advantages, including flexibility in scheduling and the ability to learn at your own pace. Our courses are carefully crafted to deliver a valuable and immersive learning experience, providing you with the knowledge and skills to excel in the culinary world. Join our culinary community and embark on a journey that will elevate your cooking to new heights.

Will there be feedback from the instructor available in the academy?

Yes, absolutely! At Culinary Academy, we value the importance of feedback. You can leave comments on the classes you’re taking, and Chef Rudakova will respond with personalized guidance and support. This interactive feedback system ensures that you receive the necessary assistance to refine your skills and progress on your culinary journey.

Why enroll in a culinary academy when you can access all the recipes on the web?

While recipes are readily available online, Culinary Academy offers more than just recipes. Our courses provide a comprehensive understanding of culinary techniques, principles, and creative skills that go beyond following a recipe. You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to create your own culinary masterpieces.

Why Chef Rudakova? Is she a good culinary instructor?

Chef Rudakova is an exceptional culinary instructor with a wealth of experience and expertise. Her passion for culinary arts is evident in her engaging teaching style. She explains techniques and underlying principles in detail, ensuring you understand not only what to do but why. With Chef Rudakova’s guidance, you’ll gain invaluable insights and become a more confident and skilled cook.
Learn more about Chef Rudakova here, and on your YouTube and blog.

Traditional culinary arts schools cost thousands of dollars. This must also be expensive, right?

Unlike traditional culinary schools that come with a hefty price tag, Culinary Academy offers a significantly more affordable option without compromising on quality. We believe that culinary education should be accessible to everyone who has a passion for cooking, which is why we’ve made our courses more affordable while maintaining a high standard of instruction.

What's missing from the Culinary Academy by Chef Rudakova that is in the curriculum of traditional culinary arts schools?

Culinary Academy covers all the essential aspects of traditional culinary arts schools and even includes additional contemporary skills and techniques. While our courses may not offer the same in-person experience, we’ve designed the online platform to provide a rich and interactive learning environment, ensuring you receive comprehensive culinary education from the comfort of your own home. In addition, the library of courses is constantly growing with more exciting culinary topics to be covered. 

How long will it take to improve my cooking skills?

The time it takes to improve your cooking skills varies depending on your dedication and commitment. Our courses provide a solid foundation, and with regular practice, you’ll notice significant improvements in your cooking abilities. The beauty of Culinary Academy is that you can learn at your own pace, allowing you to fully absorb the knowledge and master the techniques at a speed that suits you.

Got it. So, how do I enroll?

Enrolling in Online Culinary Academy is simple and convenient. Just click HERE and follow the easy steps to get access. Once enrolled, you’ll gain immediate access to the comprehensive culinary content, and your culinary journey will begin. Don’t wait any longer to enhance your cooking skills and unlock your culinary potential—enroll today and start creating culinary masterpieces with confidence!

Our Newsletter readers can benefit from an exclusive 50% discount for their initial month at the Culinary Academy, making it an even more enticing offer.