Why is there Guar Gum in your dairy?

Guar Gum may sound like a very foreign and artificial ingredient. And let me leave You to decide that on your own, I meanwhile will explain what it actually is & why you may find in inside your flavored milk, yogurt and ice-cream. 

Guar Gum is a very popular hydrocolloid. It’s typically non-GMO, it naturally derives from a type of Indian native bean seeds, and is used to thicken, emulsify & stabilize some foods, especially plant-based ones. 

Without emulsification & stabilization, there won’t be any flavoured yogurts available in our supermarkets, they all would split. And it’s also very often used in baking to imitate gluten structure formation in gluten-free baked goods. 

Et voila! Now you know a little more about what’s inside your favorite strawberry yogurt.