Edible Charcoal

Serving Edible Charcoal to your guest will definitely get some eyebrows raised. It’s a very bold, but memorable and tasty dish. Despite the complicated looks, making of edible charcoal is actually quite easy.

I guess, I can’t hold any longer and need to reveal to your the main ingredient out of which coals are made. It’s cassava. If cassava is an exotic root vegetable for you, you’ll be surprised. However, if you are actually familiar with cassava and had cooked it at least once, you’ll understand right away how mush since it makes and why it’s actually a very simple dish to make.

Cassava has such a unique texture. It’s very hard when it’s raw (do not eat raw cassava!!!), but once you get it cooked it totally changes the texture to a more soft once with its strands almost falling apart.

Now imagine it’s black! Right?! It looks exactly like charcoal looks. All you need to do is use your imagination.

When it comes to adding black colour to your cassava, you can use several natural ingredients. I would suggest to use either a squid ink, or activate charcoal powder. I chose the later one to me the cassava coal, as seen on the picture. However, squid ink might be a better choice, since it would dye the vegetable much better.

As for the recipe, it’s a no-brainer one. Just cook cassava cubes in salted and dyed in black water (either with squid ink, or with activated charcoal) until its fully cooked and tender. Then bake for additional 5 minutes in the over to get a dry exterior. Watch the video above for detailed instructions.

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