This Socarrat tuile cone filled with freshly cooked paella rice ABSOLUTELY is one of the best dishes that I’ve created for this month… I could eat it anytime, it looks amazing and also fun, resembling an ice-cream cone somehow, but more for the savoury guys out there. I can also see it on a restaurant menu and as a snack sold at the famous Barcelona food market (Mercado de La Boqueria).

But first, let’s learn how to make those Paella rice tuiles.

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The technique is actually very easy. And, if you have already cooked rice, it will take you around 30 min of mostly passive baking to make a whole bunch of them. I’ve already tried to make a socarrat tuile for my previous Paella video and I failed miserably there.

But this time, I got it just right! So make sure you watch the full video until the end (BELOW), to learn how to make Paella Socarrat tuiles.

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*Cone shape was inspired by Thomas Keller’s French Laundry famous Salmon Cornets.

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