Tzatziki powder

Tzatziki powder recipe

Everyone loves Tzatziki! Sometimes, though, you can’t always use it in the original “liquid sauce” form… But in a dry form, form of powder, so many more doors will open to our beloved Tzatziki!

Check out my “Tzatziki Rocks” or “Savoury Meringues” posts to see some of the cooking applications of the dehydrated Tzatziki powder.

You can watch the full video of me making Tzatziki Powder here

Part 1 - Make Tzatziki

  • 500g Greek yogurt
  • 2 Cucumbers (grated; flash only; no juice)
  • 2 cloves Garlic (rasped)
  • 1 Lemon (rasped; 1/2 juice)

Ingredients, you’ll need


  1. Mix all the ingredients together to make a non-salted and non-oily* Tzatziki.
*you can add salt and oil later to the application of your choice

Part 2 - Dehydrate Tzatziki


  1. Spread the mix on a silicon baking mat.
  2. Dehydrate for around 10 hours at 55C / 130F, until fully dry.
  3. Break the sheets of dehydrated Tzatziki and process to powder in a food processor or a spice grinder.
  4. Store in the fridge in the airtight container.

Tools, you might need for this recipe

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Microplane Zester
Microplane Zester
Mortar & Pestle
Food Processor
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