Bouquet Salad

This Bouquet Salad recipe is part of my Food Plating 101 online class, where I explain the rules of food plating, teach beautiful presentation on the example of 3 courses. Bouquet Salad is the 1st course and serves as a perfect illustration of how one can plate a simple vegetable salad in a creative and elegant way.

As I mention in the class, recipes are not important for the sake of the class. In fact I encourage my students to follow their own food preferences, and challenge to attempt create beautiful plating for their favourite salads.

Nevertheless, if you’re curious what’s in this Bouquet Salad, here’s the full recipe. It is very simple indeed.

Part 1 - Bouquet Salad

  • 1 large Salad leaf (or 2-3 smaller leaves)
  • Carrots (cut julienne)
  • Mango (cut julienne)
  • Red onions (cut half paysanne)
  • 50g Sugar

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