How to make a perfect salmon Tartare? Very easy actually. All you need is to follow 5 simple principles/steps:

  • Choose a good quality raw fish & slice it neatly
  • Marinate your fish for an additional layer of flavour
  • Sauce-sauce-sauce!
  • Don’t forget about the binding mixture (so your Salmon Tartare doesn’t fall apart)
  • Serve with some crunchy companion (to offer a variety of textures for your exuberant palate)

Part 1 - Salmon preparation (incl. marinade)

  • 200g Sashimi-grade Salmon
  • 50g Sake
  • 50g Mirin

Ingredients, you’ll need


  1. Remove skin, brown flash and bones (if any) off your salmon fillet.
  2. Slice* your salmon fillet with a sharp knife about 5mm thick, and then chop to small cubes (5*5mm).
  3. Prepare a marinade by mixing together all the rest of the ingredients and simmering** the mixture for about 2 min to let all the alcohol evaporate, leaving only the deep flavourful notes.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT – Let your marinade cool down completely***. 
  5. Pour the cold marinade…..
  6. ….

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