Reverse Spherification

Learning the reverse spherification process is the fundamental step in advancing your culinary skills towards the molecular gastronomy. In reality making liquid spheres is quite easy, as long as you follow precise measurements. In this video (below), I show 3 examples of the reverse spherification. I make spheres with 2 relatively thick substances and 1 thinner substance.

How To:

Ingredients for the liquid spheres:

  • 6 g Calcium Lactate (3% of the “spherified” liquid volume)
  • 200 g Any Liquid that you wish to enclose into spheres (e.g. Kefir / Tomato juice / Wine)

Important TIPS to remember:

  1. Make sure that you do not mix up Calcium Lactate with Sodium Alginate. Use Sodium Alginate for Water and Calcium Lactate for the “spherified” liquid, and not the other way around. *that happened to me before… not the best idea…
  2. ….