Here’s the thing, Vegan fine-dining is The Thing!🤓 And, eggplant could be the best vegetable to play around when it comes to veggie-transformation✌

Intrigued? Don’t believe what you see! If you see an eggplant – yes it is. But, is it really?…🤔

Watch the video recipe (below) in full to see how I apply patisserie techniques to transform an eggplant and cook a vegan fine-dining savoury dish.

Inspired by the famous Soviet Chicken Kiev, a.k.a. Cutlet Kiev, a.k.a. Côtelette de volaille, a.k.a. Котлета по Киевски, many names, but all the same. And, now known as Eggplant Kiev, or taking into account all the Mediterranean spices used, I’ll take the liberty to name is Eggplant Athens…🙃

You can watch the full video of me making Vegan Fine-dining Eggplant dish here

Part 1 - Eggplant stuffing

  • 200g Vegan Greek yogurt
  • 1tsp Coriander seeds
  • 1tsp Fennel
  • 5 Black peppercorns
  • Olive oil (tt)
  • Salt (tt)
  • 1/4 tsp Xanthan Gum

Ingredients, you’ll need


  1. Toast the spices & crush them with a mortar and pestle. 
  2.  Mix with vegan Greek yogurt.
  3. Add a little olive oil & salt (to taste).
  4. Add Xanthan Gum*.
  5. Roll yogurt into small balls (as per demo) and freeze.
*It’ll help to prevent the yogurt mix from splitting, when heated up during the further steps.

Part 2 - Eggplant

  • 2 Small eggplants
  • Olive oil (tt)
  • Salt (tt)
  • 1 tbsp Cornstarch



  1. Peel & cut eggplants into small cubes (app. 3mm).
  2. Mix with a little olive oil, salt & cornstarch, and saute lightly.
  3. Cool down completely.
  4. Mold as per demo, with the frozen core (eggplant stuffing) inside.
  5. Freeze.
  6. After it had completely frozen, unmold the eggplant and carve as per demo.
  7. Freeze again.

Part 3 - Eggplant breading

  • Water
  • Clitoria Ternatea flowers
  • Vegan bread



  1. Steep Clitoria Ternatea flowers in hot water for 20 min. Strain.
  2. Soak bread in this blue water drain as much as possible and dehydrate in the oven until completely dry.
  3. Crumble bread in a food processor.

Part 4 - Vegan Fine-dining eggplant dish frying

  1. Dredge frozen eggplants in cornstarch.
  2. Coat with aquafaba.
  3. Coat with blue bread crumbs*.
  4. Deep-fry for 1-2 min at 350F / 176C.
  5. Drain any excess oil and cook further in the oven at 450F / 232C for about 10 min (until full doneness).
*You might need to do 2-3 coatings.

Tools, you might need for this recipe

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Food processor
Mortar & Pestle
Food Digital Thermomether
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