We’re in the midst of an Easter season, so here’s a perfect egg recipe for you – soft-boiled Dragon eggs. Fun, colourful and a tiny bit sophisticated🤓✌

All 3 eggs were cooked using natural colourants. You can have them soft-boiled, but you can also cook them for a little bit longer and have them as you wish.

You can watch the full video of me making Dragon Eggs here

Part 1 - Dragon eggs cooking

  • 3 eggs

Ingredients, you’ll need


  1. Boil the eggs for 3 min & shock in ice-water.
  2. Cook further in a Sous Vide at 143F / 62C for 30 min, and shock again in ice-water.

Part 2 - Natural colourants

  • Beetroot
  • Dry red wine
  • Clitoria Ternatea
  • Parsley & spinach



  1. Juice beets. Mix with red wine (1 part of wine to 2 parts of beet juice). Simmer, reduce 1/3 and cool down completely. 
  2. Steep Clitoria Ternatea flowers for about 20 min to get a deep blue colour and cool down completely.
  3. Blend herbs with a little water & strain.
  4. Crack the shells lightly with a back of a spoon (do not peel).
  5. Submerge the cracked eggs in 3 different colourants.
  6. Keep them in the fridge overnight to get the colour.
  7. Peel very carefully.

Tools, you might need for this recipe

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Clitoria Ternatea
Sous Vide
Sous Vide container
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